Aldo Coppola By Freeda

15 October 2019

Aldo Coppola By Freeda opens the doors of its reign on the first floor of the fascinating historic palace situated in the city centre of Cosenza.
The intense natural light is reflected on the whiteness of marble making the environment even more vibrant thanks to the alternation of the muted tones and the symbol of the brand, the red roses, that open with a moderate elegance all along the entrance walls.

The beauty and wellness journey begins at the backwash area, an exclusive and private space where it is possible to experience moments of absolute relax. The path continues with an area dedicated to hair where a team of the highly specialized professional hairstylists will satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.

Aldo Coppola By Freeda brings to its clients the enthusiasm of the innovation and at the same time the reliability of the brand’s traditions.

Aldo Coppola by Freeda
Via Brenta 3 – Cosenza
Phone 0984 27574