aldo coppola advertising campaign 2013

How is it possible that Aldo Coppola manages to give us a new image of femininity each year without ever betraying his deepest feeling in which the woman is a marvelous creature, the origin and synthesis of every form of beauty? It’s a question of magic.

Every year, people who see his testimonial/icon are entranced.

Conveying the message of beauty for the 2013 Aldo Coppola press campaign is model/actress Mădălina Ghenea.

Nature has been very kind to her, but what is surprising is how Aldo has managed to capture her softer and more intimate, naturally sensuous side with engaging simplicity.

There is no artifice to Mădălina, and there is no artifice to the 2013 Aldo Coppola woman.

The hair of this new earthy “Ciociara” woman is passionate and irresistible.

Soft, gently falling locks are enticed by stunning nuances from dark brown to golden accents that caress the shoulders and décolleté as if the rays of an eternal sun had come to stay forever.

Thus, the mystery of eternal femininity, captured in that perfect moment by photographer Oliviero Toscani, is renewed and revised.

The rose is always the same: always red, always fragrant, always in bloom.


Hair: Aldo Coppola

Photography: Oliviero Toscani