Looking at the future with confidence and expertise, making the most of Aldo Coppola’s talent and know-how.

It’s a matter of hands, mind and heart: this is what has made Aldo Coppola a fashion industry icon. This Italian brand is recognized and respected around the globe, and anyone who has ever seen Aldo working his magic on stage has said, “I want to be like him.”

One of Coppola’s greatest ambitions has been to nurture his brand, allowing it to grow like a tree so that it could branch out and endlessly blossom. That’s why he has built a solid and diverse team of highly trained and competent professionals, assistants and instructors who deeply respect and share his history, knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm. Aldo Coppola’s magic and talent are now an achievable objective. Ambition, determination, and a desire to achieve the full potential and acquire security and prestige are the objectives reached by those who choose to enter the world of Aldo Coppola.

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Photo: Alessio Albi