Aldo Coppola Brian & Barry

Aldo Coppola began the 2018 by opening the doors of a new Atelier on the first floor of the «Brian & Barry Building», a twelve floors mall in via Durini in Milan.

The creative idea of ​​Aldo Coppola Jr., interpreted by the architect Anton Kobrinetz, transformed this space of 400 square meters into something never seen before: a beauty Atelier with an area dedicated to men, a Multimedia Shopping Experience and a new exciting project addressed to children.

The elegant and innovative design of the “Dressing Beauty”, created by Gamma & Bross, colors the Atelier with a multitude of nuances. Mirrors shaped as hearts and butterflies are illuminated by Catellani & Smith’s ecolighting. The innovative fabric, including new lamps, made by ABS Group, create the impression to enter a fairy kingdom.

The Atelier welcomes the customers in an area of ​​150 square meters of Fast Retail. Here interactive screens give the opportunity to know better both Aldo Coppola’s and the partners’ products, all located on large backlit walls, three meters by one made of ABS Group fabric: L’Oréal, Kérastase, Redken, Shu Uemura and R.A.W, Shatush and Aldo Coppola products. Depuravita offers a selection of juices and soups while Fedua, nail expert, draws brushstrokes of paint. Unique fashion creations by Adalberto Vanoni marries the Swarovski of the jewelry designed by Tjaša. Not just sight and touch. Aldo Coppola aims to stimulate all five senses: the smell’s one, satisfied by Anna Paghera and with all the selection of fragrances by Paul Roses. The taste rejoices thanks to the magic touch of Confetteria Conti’s chocolates and confetti. Luxury, food, cosmetics, design. 360 degree of excellence.

Going through the Atelier the visitor meets a large glass door where the red company brand automatically opens allowing to enter into the Hair & Beauty area. A team of expert hair stylists offer the unique Aldo Coppola’s services, enhanced by the use of the Dyson Supersonic technology. Beauty therapists, naturopaths and osteopaths take care of the client’s mind and body. Not just women: in the men’s area, all dressed of teak material, you can enjoy barber services and beauty treatments dedicated to men.  Aldo Coppola Brian & Barry is even more. “Children’s beauty for children”: the first Aldo Coppola space dedicated to kids is created with the aim of raising funds to support non-profit organizations that work with and for children in Italy and around the world.

How many balloons does a dream need to fly? At Aldo Coppola’s “Coppolino”, only one is enough. It is drawn with a thin but strong trait, like the message that the brand wants to launch with this new and, as always, exited project.

A unique space colored by Confetteria Conti’s confetti, furnished with Rabbit Baby Chair by Qeeboo
and the magnetic games by Geomagworld, where kids can enjoy Hair & Beauty services. But not only.
Aldo Coppola offers the opportunity to let children be taken care of by a non-profit operator while mothers/clients are enjoing the services offered by the Atelier. A tablet will give the chance to learn more about
the ONG that collaborates with the project while checking what the child is doing in the Coppolino area.
The “Baby Sitting” is offered by volunteers who work for the humanitarian associations, the same volunteers who struggle daily for less fortunate children. The goal of the Coppolino is to be a vehicle of positive information, being
the voice of those who really commit themselves to bring love and hope in Italy and all over the world.
The “Coppolino” brand is the symbol of a project that like a balloon gives joy. A balloon that does not use
the force to conquer or bring happiness, but instead it offers color simply through a walk in his company.
Even those who are sitting can benefit from its presence, light and silent, but that fills the heart. Aldo Coppola with this new big step aims to fill many hearts as possible.

The Aldo Coppola Brian & Barry Retail area will be open seven days a week from 10 to 19.30 while the Atelier and the Coppolino will be closed on Monday.