Aldo Coppola by Massimiliano Dimaiuta

Aldo Coppola’s inspiration, flair, originality and passion for hair take shape through the expert hands of the Aldo Coppola staff by Massimiliano Dimaiuta.

An intimate and sophisticated environment that, located in the historic center of Florence, makes space between the frenzy of the Tuscan capital creating a private beauty entirely dedicated to beauty and wellness.

Images of red roses and iconic photos of the Aldo Coppola print campaigns make your stay in the salon a journey between style and fashion, revealing at a glance the care and attention dedicated to creating a cozy but at the same time modern and refined salon.

Massimiliano Dimaiuta, owner of the Salon, is a successful professional who has over the years made his own the philosophy and style of the brand.

The mastery in the use of products and the genius in creating styles make exclusive and unique the look of each customer.