A creative and experiential travel through the artcraft of one of the greatest beauty stylist: Aldo Coppola

From February the 5th until March the 2nd under the patronage of Regione Lombardia

In 2017 the brand celebrates its 50 years of activity and under the sign of the Aquarius (not a coincidence! Aldo Coppola was born on February 14th) inaugurates at the Triennale di Milano, an exhibition dedicated to Aldo Coppola’s creatitvity and its capacity of contaminate the archetypes of half a century.

And this is exactly what this exhibition recounts through the presentation of more than 250 signature shots: an emotional path that talks about timeless beauty and its evolution showing the immortal pictures of Oliviero Toscani, Fabrizio Ferri, Giampaolo Barbieri, Giovanni Gastel, Javier Vallohonrat, David Bailey and many others.
 A tribute owed to a man who, being master of arts since he was 15 years old, has radically changed the role of the hairdresser, clearing it and ennobling it.
 Aldo, a generous and charismatic man, was a genious in inventing new cutting, coloring and styling techniques. Projections and reports of his busy life among the hair salons, fashion shows and photo shoots’ backstages, beauty shows are the witnesses of his tireless work with magazines, designers and the most important photographers of the world.
 From the artistic sharings with Giorgio Armani to the brotherly relationship with Oliviero Toscani, Aldo was not a man who would stop at the mere professional performance, he was a man with whom you could not avoid to explore the world of beauty.

The timeless one.
 The exhibition is a multi-sensory path that throughout twelve themes tells about ve decades of Italian history.
 A travel in the artistic vein of the man that managed to become a trend setter in the worlds of hairstyle, fashion and international costume.
 A travel through color shades, shapes metamorphosis and photography’s magic. A travel of love for sharing your own work.
 A travel of innovation and avant-guardism, tangible and transferrable, that counts 30 years of partnership with L’Oréal.
 A travel of tenacity, research and success.
 A travel that tells the story of one man and also of many men.
 A travel dedicated to women. 
A travel of passion for art and for its simplicity.
 The travel through timeless beauty metaphorically begins entering in the vitality of the artistic vein of the master through a tunnel carpeted of images and red roses, beloved by Aldo as they are a symbol of strength, passion and sensuality.

Words, stories, video-installations and music will be the backdrop to accompany visitors in this magical and constantly evolving world.

The exhibition has been conceived by Aldo Coppola jr. the architect Riccardo Lattuada and Elisabetta Presotto.

Construction made of textile architecture by ABS Group

ph. Antonio Miucci