aldo coppola & l’oréal professionnel in turin

Aldo Coppola, the superstar of the prestigious event held Sunday, November 11 by L’Oreal Professionnel at the Palaolimpico of Turin, gave the over 3,500 hairstylists attending the show an unforgettable experience, once again confirming his unsurpassed magic.

“Live life like a work of art” was the title chosen by Aldo Coppola and Artistic Director Adalberto Vanoni for this show in Turin that not only represented the sentiment and path of the master hairstylist, but also the essence of his company and this exciting show.

Three distinct moments shared the theme of an imaginary journey through time and space in search of dreamy, ineffable, yet real and tangible femininity.

Looking ahead, Aldo Coppola created a technological, strong woman of the future who may already exist today. The hairstyles, in total harmony with the outfits, have abstract forms, minimal rigidity, and virtual sophistication. The catwalk became artistic premonition: two cyber girls wore a large silver headdress adorned with small, bright LED bulbs. He used one in a smaller size for the “dandy cut” done live with shaved nape of the neck and longer locks caressing the face: fabulous.

Apache inspiration: Native Americans and their culture is a subject very dear to Aldo Coppola. The superb hairstylist dedicated a young, free medium length cut to the untamed, sensuous allure of these women that is destined to become the must-have look for next summer. Delicate layers were held in place with a narrow band in perfect “prairie princess” style. In the amazing haute couture styles, contrasting details – plastic and leather, colored sprays and feathers – created an unusually alluring tribal-glam vibe.

From the Baroque to Visconti’s The Leopard, everything is larger than life: the lovely lavish clothes and the voluminous, elaborate hairstyles. On stage, the gracefulness of the models prepared backstage by Monica Coppola told a story of a woman who is only seemingly from another distant era: the ostentatious luxury of the Baroque Era, the indiscreet allure of Tomasi di Lampedusa’s heroine, and hair like frescoes that time cannot erase. “And now,” said Coppola, “I will create a splendid “Ciociara” woman for you.” His hands created a Sophia Loren with lustrous, brown tresses. A red rose was given as a tribute to this real woman.

A shower of gold, along with a warm standing ovation from the audience, happily ended the show full of the talent and heart of Aldo Coppola.