Aldo Coppola & Oliviero Toscani 1970 – 2019

What is Art? In the dictionary we can find this definition: “Art is every form of human activity as evidence or exaltation of the inventive talent and of the expressive capacity.”
And the exhibition “Aldo Coppola and Oliviero Toscani 1970 – 2019”, that was inaugurated on February 27th at the Brian & Barry Building in via Durini in Milan, fully expresses this concept.

Starting from the ground floor and finishing on the third floor, passing through the Atelier Aldo Coppola on the first floor, over 60 photographic images created by Oliviero Toscani’s visionary eye and modeled by the hands of Aldo Coppola, tell us a story: stopping to observe carefully the figurative path, we find ourselves in a constantly evolving world where the beauty of the woman in her simplicity remains unchangeable. A strong and fragile woman, a growing woman who becomes aware of her femininity and her independence. A woman who has lived through the social and cultural changes of 40 years of history. A woman who struggled not to lose her identity, becoming the emblem of the strength of our century.

And this is how Oliviero Toscani and Aldo Coppola describe this woman in every portrait.
The path illuminates the stairs of the Building thanks to the lights of the lightboxes made by GiPrint that reproduce shots taken from historical campaigns up to the current ones, from calendars and art books made with L’Oréal Professionnel, loyal partner of the brand and promoter of research of beauty in all its forms. This is a unique exhibition that sees two great names of our century once again together telling their love for women and it is open to everyone until March 27th