aldo coppola’s revolutionary new dandy cut

After creating the “crochet”, “Masai”, and “torchon” techniques, Aldo Coppola, the master of trendsetting creativity, has invented a brand-new cut that’s extremely simple yet futuristic: the “dandy cut.”

Presented in March to more than 1,000 colleagues during his last “Privè” show, the dandy cut wowed the audience. The key words are simplicity, shape and, last but not least, speed. It’s “Mozartian” with a modern twist. The volume is bigger at the center of the head, while the back is feathered. Locks of hair are left loose. The cut delineates the shape of the head and creates gentle, soft, waves. What makes the cut original is the signature tail on the nape of the neck, regardless of whether the cut is short, medium or long. The Dandy Cut is a patented technique, but you can learn it through special training courses and when you buy the Dandy Cut kit from the ALDO COPPOLA ACADEMY IN MILAN. You can try it yourself at all ALDO COPPOLA ATELIER salons.