Coppolino is a project by Aldo Coppola dedicated to taking care of kids and keeping them looking great, with the aim of raising funds to support non-profit organisations that work with and for children in Italy and worldwide. How many balloons does it take to get a dream up in the air?
At “Coppolino” by Aldo Coppola, just one, designed with a fine yet strong hand, just like the message the brand is seeking to launch with this new project, challenging as always. Coppolino is not just a line of products, but an Atelier format, a unique location where child-friendly Hair&Beauty services can be provided. There’s more, however.
Aldo Coppola offers mums the chance to have non-profit operators take care of their little ones while they relax and enjoy the services offered by the Atelier. The baby-sitting service
is carried out by volunteers who work for humanitarian associations that work daily to help less fortunate children. The tablets at each position allow the mums/customers to learn more about the non-profit organisation working on the project, as well as to watch their children live in the “Coppolino”. The aim of the Coppolino is to transmit information about the efforts
of those striving to bring love and hope in Italy and worldwide.


Coppolino products have been created for the hygiene and wellbeing of children, selecting active ingredients suitable for the most delicate hair and skin. All the formulas are enriched with cotton and oat extracts, chosen for their protecting, soothing properties. The soft textures and delicate, enveloping fragrances make bath and shower time a pleasant, affectionate daily ritual. Part of the proceeds from sales of the “Coppolino” products will go to the associations that cooperate with the brand. The “Coppolino” trademark is the symbol of a project that just like a balloon, raises a smile instantly, without flexing its muscles to win people over or bring joy, simply offering a dash of colour to those who take a stroll with it; even those just sitting watching it can benefit from its airy, silent presence and the warm glow it brings to the heart. With this major new step forward, Aldo Coppola seeks to fill as many hearts as possible.
The characteristic ingredients of the formulas do not only provide instant moisturising, but also stimulate those physiological processes that are essential to maintain skin balance, of vital importance for growing bodies. The formulas and textures have been studied to meet specific needs and are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Ultra-delicate shampoo, enriched with cotton and oat extracts, specifically for the health of children’s hair. Moisturises and protects the scalp and strengthens the hair structure. The disentangling, softening textures helps to keep children’s hair soft, naturally combatting knots and tangles. The Tea Tree essential oil also helps prevent lice.

Extra-gentle hair milk, formulated with cotton and oat extracts, that nourishes and strengthens children’s delicate hair. Disentangles instantly and strengthens fine, fragile hair, protecting it from humidity and aggressive external agents. An excellent soothing milk for the scalp, with a toning, restorative action.

Hydrating, nourishing hair mask formulated for children’s hair, with cotton and oat extracts for a delightfully fragrant softening action.
Non-oily formula that leaves even the most rebellious, curly hair smooth, glossy, soft as silk and manageable.

Ultra-delicate body wash suitable for children of all ages, enriched with cotton and oat extracts. Protects the skin from aggressive external agents and maintains the right level of moisturising, with a soft touch and a delicate fragrance. The plant-based cleansing agents and oily components guarantee balanced cleansing and aid skin cell renewal