go coppola real time s/s 2012

“This year I had the fortune and privilege to visit and experience several cities around the world. Spending time in these places – New York, London, Paris, Thailand, Mexico and Los Angeles – was fascinating and inspirational. On my trip, I went to the trendiest spots and met the coolest people, and I learned the best about both. When I returned to Milan, I used this inspiration to create a fusion of styles for Italy that are ultra-chic and amazing…”

This is the concept based on the experience of Mauro Situra, the artistic testimonial of Go Coppola, who interpreted it through hair styles presented on stage at the show for spring and summer hairstyle trends.

Shapes and proportions have been completely changed: high on top and short on the side.

Styles featured long ponytails and volume on the crown, which echoes a nineties rock look. Long styles are classic, only slightly layered and with soft waves.

Mauro, together with Roberto Farruggia, the Artistic Director of Go Coppola and his team, wanted to bring to present his interpretation of the world with an Italian touch.