LIVE – A/I 2019

SOUND. Music, art of the Muses capable of fascinating infinite generations with its universal language.It is the Art of the Arts that gives an opportunity
to transform simple “air” into something that touches all souls.
Music and art are look at each other in the mirror.

A sophisticated and glamourous collection where all shapes are seen in an innovative and contemporary way,the comeback of an unprecedented simplicity made of freshness and elegance.
Imperfection is the new perfection.

The haircut SHANEA redefines proportions,
the Long bob has the leading role and gets a renewed identity. The Bob is remodelled with different lengths and gives an intriguing spirit and it returns to dictate the rules of this autumn/winter.
The “Jim Morrison” haircut whispers of new short haircuts to all women.

Shanea color: warm Pre-Raphaelite tones that caress hair with unexpected blends.Champagne blonds light up all faces.

Plastic hairups are opposed to evanishing cloud effects and the accessories that reflect and define the style.Textures’ diversity makes the image modern.

Aldo Coppola’s women are the true elegance of mix & match