live academy f/w 2011-12

This time, as if on a fairytale journey, we are transported to a mysterious landscape with dark, smoky, almost apocalyptic moods presented by the artistic and technical directors of Aldo Coppola Academy during the live show for the fall/winter collection. Conjuring rivers, lava, lapilli, crows, feathers and mystery, the collection is sleek and extremely refined. Clean, contemporary cuts are interrupted by feather-like locks escaping from the coiffeur to create lightness, evanescence, and movement. Primary colors reign free. Transparencies and layering are fundamental. Locks of hair emerge with “feathered” colors. Hairstyles are on the verge of haute couture: hair is pulled back from the face and embellished with sinuous shapes suspended in space like contemporary architectural designs.  Light accessories such as feathers give the shape an airy, suspended look.