LIVE AI 2022

On the stage of the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan on Sunday, October 2nd, art and technique came to life in an event of pure beauty.

Free space is the show dedicated to the new Aldo Coppola hairstyling trends: The bob does not go out of the scene but changes ITS dress, long hair brushes the shoulders, the XL cuts vary shape with each movement, hairstyles become androgynous and femininity is futuristic .

The magic of color comes alive, a breath of wind reveals hidden shades, authentic and unexpected for a femininity free to dare.

An infinite cosmos of possibilities to explore with the new Aldo Coppola accessory presented on the stage of the show: SPACE, the versatile and innovative tool whose function is declined in both cut and color, giving the possibility to obtain hidden shades to be revealed with a breath of wind and an unexpected gesture.

In a game of balance between avant-garde and freedom of thought was held FREE SPACE, the space in which the uniqueness of every woman is enhanced by elegance and transformation.