LIVE FW 2023 – ORO

On Sunday, October 1st, at the Teatro Lirico Gaber in Milan, the Autumn/Winter 2023 – ORO Live Show took place.

Creative Director Aldo Coppola Stefano Lorenzi, along with Lucia Bossi, Giusy Di Domenico, Ilenia Scalinci, and Domenico Papa, presented a sneak peek of the cuts, colors, volumes, and accessories that will define the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2023-24 season.

The visions and inspirations for the women of the Autumn/Winter season are a journey through timeless elegance and contemporary audacity.

The Live FW23 drew inspiration from the Japanese concept of Kintsugi: a practice breathes new life into objects that visibly show those repairs, yet add authentic beauty and a unique story. Thus, scars become part of women’s stories, celebrating the strength that arises from resilience.

Tridimensionality of shapes and colors that blend into a timeless visual harmony, creating a unique and evocative experience. This is ORO. Born to shine and highlight the essence of the woman.