Aldo Coppola Live On, a digital project created before this bewildering and difficult period began. Live on, a guideline showing the S/S 2020 hairstyle trends presented online for the first time by Stefano Lorenzi. The project includes newsletter, video tutorial, interviews, images of fashion shots and emotional Live video, a new innovative video format, very contemporary and impactful, that we intend to repeat in the future.

Elegant disconnections tell with light tones an indestructible bond.

A red thread connecting past, present and future.

Timeless allure, the everlasting charm of a stylish and practical woman.

Haircut trends in this collection follow two parallel routes; the carré becomes MINI or XL: it is MINI when it caresses the chin and XL when it covers the shoulder.

No to excessively daring combinations or disconnections. Soft lines with a flavor of the ‘70s on medium-short cuts with sinuous tails and volumes on top of the head create a new image, in the name of freshness.

Textures and disconnections in the lengths are obtained with the new accessory “FIL ROUGE” that allows to create long lasting enveloping shapes on all haircuts, maintaining a rich texture even when the hair grows.

The curtain fringe gives a jaunty touch.

Light and dark become colors drawn on each shape, they work as an antidote against “fil rouge” uniformity, a praise of simplicity.

In the hairstyle, the influence of the 70s couture is back stronger than ever.

Reduced volumes draw geometric intersections.

Raffia and clips enrich the style, making it stronger.

The union of passion, curiosity and art: the possibility of being who I want to be, this is FASHION.