LIVE ON – SS 2021



The wind blowing.

A Mediterranean garden where everything becomes possible: freshness and vitality bloom caressed by a light air that has the flavor of freedom. Here each flower blooms for its own joy. Real life embraces nature by transforming itself and giving life to a new complicity, an impalpable lightness made of fluid shapes and elegant contrasts. Nature is a wonderful picture that hangs in the heart and the flowering is its symbol.


The scissors return in all cuts as an essential tool to obtain new textures. Deep side stripes reinforce the style and curtain fringes brighten the look. The short cut is a passe-partout for multiple layers that result in different styles. The new technique “GHOST” is imperceptible but capable of giving various expressions to bob cuts..Fluctuating and sensual, the “even haircut” frames the face. TWISTY, the new hair drying technique, is an anticipation of the spring. The signature of color in a bold detail, 4 CARAT (4Kt): impressionist brushstrokes paint summer. Textures go from dry to glossy, iridescent accessories transform hairstyles into a gentle metamorphosis between dream and reality.