LIVE PE 2018


Latin, mediterranean, chic and glamour. Magical and instinctive femininity, strong and assertive.

A fresh and casual story, a 90s “frame”.

Fashion made for real women who love to show off and inspire today’s creativity.

Languid Mediterranean magic: the color contrasts are a matter of nuances …

And evenings are lighten up with sequins and crystals.

Baby-clips, lightness and simplicity take over, not one but many styles, free and real.

Fringes as signatures, in the cut. Air of resoluteness and emancipation.

The re-interpreted bob gives new harmony to faces.

Vibrant colors light up of summer vibes.

In the hairups there is a presence of new braids, knots, micro-dread, light hair that caress the face.

Small volumes, contemporary inspiration and street accessories.

Beauty, attraction and seduction. The center of everything: still Women.