LIVE SS 2022

In the silence of the desert, the voice of the dunes resounds with different melodies, an entire world enclosed in a grain of sand. Open spaces in constant mutation, mirages made of indefinite sounds, lines, shapes and profiles: emotional fashion follows instinct. A collection born in the name of freedom of thought and encounters, the emblem of a strong love between fashion and the pleasure of rediscovering yourself: looks come back to be noticed. Cuts are caresses for the soul. The short carré à la garçon, a cocktail of glamour and seduction. Instinctive snips give shape to double textures, languid and captivating curtain fringes outline the profile, apparently “imperfect” traits bring back to an idea of freedom and improvisation, challenging established conventions and rules. The FLAPPER cut reinvents the bob, anticonformist and uninhibited. Light and evanescent, the short cut is transformed with a gust of wind. The long, a symbol of feminine adolescence, is only XL.

KAJAL: the strength is in the shadows. Alternating dark light effects discover a new dimension with touches of light that follow the face. We tell stories with colors and colors tell stories. Black and gold, wild and mystery: the fire of passion flares up in a crescendo of intangible sensations. In the hairstyles fabrics and hair are intertwined harmoniously as very long waves are lost with the wind. Seduction is a matter of mind.