monica day – soundcut

“Monica Day”, a show reserved to our franchising affiliates and directly-owned salons, was held in Milan on November 8.

At the event, Aldo Coppola creative hair artist Monica Coppola and her staff presented new cuts and hairdos inspired by “eternal elegance” updated for contemporary style. During the show, Monica Coppola presented the “Sound Cut”: a cutting technique that she invented which is accomplished when wearing headphones and listening to music.

The cut is suitable for all medium-long and short lengths. It is great for both curly and straight hair, adding volume in the right places. In just five minutes, you get a perfect cut that is quickly and naturally dried. What’s more, it’s fun because the customer can listen to the music during the cut, which combines two types of creativity – through music and from the hands of our stylists. It is a unique cut that’s fun, innovative and creative.