It is possible to imagine, create and build a wonderful place but it will always take the right person for the dream to come true.

Aldo Coppola by Pescara was born from the encounter between the determination of its owner Sharon, a dream and a brand that in over 50 years of history has constantly reaffirmed its leadership in the fashion and hairdressing industry.

Sharon’s desire has always been to have her own salon in which to fully express her creativity and artistic talent.

The Salon is located in a newly built complex of modern and refined architecture able to offer to its customers a breathtaking view thanks to the many windows that surround the entire structure.

A glamorous and edgy Salon, designed by Aldo Coppola and Gamma & Bross, where you can let yourself to be transformed naturally and to be able to enhance your identity by playing with new shapes and colors.

The mastery in the use of products and the genius in creating styles make exclusive and unique the look of every woman.