“quelli dell’isola”

In his book “Quelli Dell’Isola” (Graphot Publishing Co) author Lino Lecchi wanted to tell the story of Aldo Coppola’s career, capturing its many nuances also with a few unpublished images that portray him in significant moments of his life.

The book is a fascinating journey through time about the people who lived in the blue-collar neighborhood called “The Island” on the outskirts of Milan. Its stories cover at least three generations, narrating episodes and bits of history from the past seventy years. This collection of notes is dedicated to the old people there, to remember what happened on those streets through the years, and to young people, to let them learn more about the history of their neighborhood.

Aldo Coppola is one of these people, along with Silvio Berlusconi, Fedele Confalonieri, and many others.

The book is on sale in Italian bookstores and online.