A journey to discover women’s desires. What do they want, how can we interpret their moods and their deepest personalities, freeing their true identity. Lightness is a free woman, who sails in favor of the wind and wants to live life like a poem. The cut is short characterized by essential lines that enclose all its light-heartedness. The dreaming woman, who thrives on looks, sensations that arise spontaneously and naturally, represents Sweetness. The line of the cut performed with the “Bun Cut” technique is soft and hides the most marked features thanks to wavy shapes which, accompanied by warm shades of color, create an incredibly romantic luminous effect around the face. Elegance is dressed in a harmonious asymmetry, where the cut blends perfectly with the sweet proportions of the hairstyle, which stand out gestures, movements and shapes without making noise. The search for Strength and safety is satisfied by the intersections and soft breaks that the cut made with the “Reverse” technique can give. Facing the challenges of everyday life, finding a physical and inner balance no longer seems so difficult. And it is thus, that all women, at the end of this journey, have only one desire which is basically the need to evolve in order to feel in harmony with themselves and therefore embrace Change.