We are made of the same substance as fairy tales, you just need a little courage to turn them into reality, finding yourself in an enchanted setting that combines the beauty of the ancient with the dynamism of the modern. Women turn into contemporary princesses: aware of their own identity, in a world far from the one we know, where strength and sweetness merge to rediscover authenticity. The cuts, made with the "Reverse" technique, draw new and harmonious shapes, where the expression of the face is enhanced by the long fringe, versatile but iconic. The "Inside Cut" technique gives a full but light effect, creating volume that allows soft harvests with a fresh and jaunty effect. The plays of light with strong contrasts, able to illuminate the face, are made with the innovative "Inside Color" technique and create depth to the cut with a special touch. The hairstyle is princely, dreamy but gritty. Jewel butterflies, elegantly contemporary, create an alternation of shapes and colors that give life to the fairy tale image of this "timeless" woman.