aldo advertising campaign 2011

A special woman expresses Aldo Coppola’s “The Beauty of Love” message in 2011.

In fact, she is “the” woman in her most intimate and absolute essence. Universal yet so close. Eternal yet truly contemporary.

An abstract symbol and a living, breathing being experiencing days, hours and moments intensely and boldly.

Strength and fragility, light and shadow, self-pride and shyness.

And who better than Margareth Madè could have embodied and expressed all this?

Through the sensitivity of Monica and Aldo Coppola, her antique beauty is a message to all those women who reject deception and artifice.

Thanks to the lens of Fabrizio Ferri, her powerful allure is transformed into pictorial luminosity that pierces through darkness of all kinds and makes it vanish.

Her skin is diaphanous and white.  Her hair knows no restraint save for the caress of a red rose. Her mouth looks as if it has just received a passionate kiss.

Her eyes are crystal clear yet reveal a slight hint of weariness.

A touching, authentic portrayal of imperfection, it is the only possible combination of identity and harmony, nature and seduction, intelligence and instinct.

Real femininity reclaims its rightful place.