aldo coppola atelier via solari

The year 2013 is all about total wellbeing

The brand new Atelier Aldo Coppola opens at Via Solari 11, one of the trendiest zones of Milan. The new salon confirms Aldo Coppola style through its choice of materials, its design, and the professionalism of its team.

Creativity, style and technique are at the basis of outstanding hair care, thanks to the use of high quality products and the exclusive services of Aldo Coppola and Aldo Coppola Hair Therapy.

The 500 square meter salon is not just for hair care, but it is also dedicated to mind and body through naturopathy, massages, and exercises for improving posture, as well as personalized Pilates and Girotonic lessons offered by expert professionals to ensure complete wellbeing.

Aldo Coppola via Solari, 11 Milan

Tel. 02- 89427136