The Mediolanum Forum in Assago hosted a great event by L’Oreal Professionnel on Sunday, November 6, attended by nearly 5000 hairstylists.

At the event, Aldo Coppola’s team celebrated feminine freedom, which was the theme of the entire performance by Adalberto Vanoni, Stefano Lorenzi, Mauro Situra and Monica Coppola.

“Free the woman” in a profound way through beauty, the tool that lets each woman be herself, is a passionate tribute to all women, as Monica Coppola explains: “I will be eternally grateful to my teacher and father, Aldo, who taught me something profound: the only important thing in life is womanhood because women give us life and immortality. This is why we want to celebrate all the women in the world.”

Appearing on stage are delicate, romantic updos, princess volumes, and 18th century hairstyles given a modern twist.