Humacoo Foundation organized a fundraising event, the Lugano Charity Collection, at the exclusive location of Villa Principe Leopoldo, with the support of the Aldo Coppola’s hairstylists and make up artists. Humacoo Foundation sustains the ambitious project of the Hungua Primary School of Opuwo in Namibia in order to make the school a model of eco-sustainability and self-support complex.

The event organized in collaboration with Societè de l’Eau Aèrienne Suisse, a high-tech startup active in the construction of systems for the production of drinking water, in close collaboration with the Humacoo Foundation will lead in the upcoming months the installation in the school campus of the innovative water production system from the extraction of air humidity.

Guests of the gala attended an Haute Couture fashion show. In the runway the collections of designer Egon Von Furstenberg. Aldo Coppola completed the models looks with unique hairstyles, clean lines elegant chignon combined with a romantic and sophisticated make-up for a graceful effect.

Lugano Charity Collection has the support of a panel of partners like Aldo Coppola who strongly believe in international cooperation for the development of humanitarian projects.