aldo coppola black line


“Aldo Coppola Black Line” is a range of innovative new hair care products. The formulas are composed of safe and effective natural ingredients. Multi-vitamin compounds, vegetal oils and sugars, and also medicinal plant extracts are used in the various derma-cosmetic treatments, each designed for a specific action: nourishment, hydration, intense reconstruction, color protection, anti-aging, hair loss, control, shine, and volume.

Every detail — from the delicate creamy textures to the alluring fragrances — helps create a perfectly balanced product that is a pleasure for the senses, all with the unique style of Aldo Coppola.

Moisturizing Shampoo –Moisturizing Hair Mask – Styling Gel with ivy extract

Regenerating Shampoo – Regenerating Fluid – Regenerating Lotion with Aloe extract

Pro color Shampoo – Pro color Hair Mask – Liquid Shine with Indigo extract

Nourishing Shampoo – Nourishing Hair Mask with Oat extract

Smoothing Shampoo – Smoothing Hair Mask with Mulberry extract

Hair Loss Shampoo – Hair Loss Lotion – Hair Loss Fluid

Anti-aging Shampoo – Anti-aging Hair Mask— Anti-aging Fluid

The new Aldo Coppola Black Line is exclusively sold in all Aldo Coppola salons.