Doha, 23 November 2017: The world renowned Aldo Coppola, Kingdom of Beauty, officially opens its first salon in AlHazm Mall today (Block 7, Floor 1), Doha.

Aldo Coppola, a luxury beauty salon chain with over 200 salons in the world inspired by the philosophy of excellence in hair, beauty and wellness for the soul, has a 360° approach to beauty.  Monica Coppola, Creative Director of Aldo Coppola shares that “the prominence of Aldo Coppola originates from my father’s original creativity and passion for accentuating the natural characteristics of every woman, making her modern and unique whilst staying true to her real self.”

Aldo Coppola raises the bar when it comes to techniques, styles and products. Aizhan Temerkhanova, Managing Director of Aldo Coppola Doha says “we are humbled and excited to have brought this luxury beauty salon concept to Doha. Hair and beauty regimes are very personal experiences that require creativity, passion, attention and the celebration of individuality. The only brand that captures this essence prestigiously is Aldo Coppola, a real genius in this field!”

One of the ways in which Aldo Coppola differs from other hairdressers is the quality of its products. The salon only uses Infusion (henna combined with Nano molecules of amino acids) and color oil to cover all whites naturally without damaging the hair. Highlights are approached differently as well. Instead of the traditional foils, Shatush – an exclusive highlighting technique – is used so as not to damage the hair and give a natural effect. Moreover Aldo Coppola’s cutting technique is unique as well: each cut follows the geometry of client’s head resulting in a perfect shape. All hair treatments start with a diagnosis of the scalp and hair before a personalized treatment is recommended – a signature practice of Aldo Coppola. Another signature is the hair therapy, a mixture of mud, herbs, essential oils and organic ingredients that enriches the scalp and hair.

The salon’s hair stylists and technicians have all been extensively trained at the Aldo Coppola Academy in Milan to provide the highest care, consultation and expertise promised by the brand. Living by its mission for perfection and belief that health and beauty start from the head, Aldo Coppola is also highly regarded for its Made In Italy natural and healthy hair and beauty product lines which are exclusively used in the salon.

Beauty specialists provide tailored treatments for the face and body with a high-end range of product line named Academie directly from France made from the finest herbs and plants for the skin and body. The salon also offers luxury manicures and pedicures with paraffin treatment and masks. LVX nail polish, from the USA is used, which is a 7 free, vegan nail polish with an award winning gel-like formula and Color Club ranging from the boldest neon to the most radiant holographics, Color Club nail lacquers come in every shade under the sun, over 250 shades.

The salon provides a very modern take on comfort, boldness, uniqueness and innovation. It was designed by the Chicago based Anton Kobrinetz and the interior was brought to life by Timeless Marble tiles by LEA – who have collaborated with internationally recognized design houses including Zahra Hadid, Kravitz Design, Diego Grandi and many more. Apart from the common areas, there are VIP suits for those clients preferring more and more privacy. The VIP rooms are furnished with cocooning beds, invented by Aldo Coppola in 2010, for clients wishing to enjoy a full body massage whilst receiving a hair treatment to complete the beauty journey.

Aldo Coppola is your exclusive local destination for redefined beauty. The salon has a capacity of 10 hair dressing stations, 2 Private VIP rooms, Manicure and Pedicure Lounge with 10 stations and Hair Therapy Lounge. Aldo Coppola Doha offers hair services, hair therapies, facial and body services, luxury manicure and pedicure.