milan fashion week f/w 2013-14

Milan Fashion Week has just ended, and we did the hair for these shows and presentations.


Hair: Roberta Bellazzi@Aldo Coppola Agency

Lines are sleek and simple, transformed by the perfect cut and combination of materials into a pure avant-garde look. Black, the dominant color, enhances the figure.

The hair was designed to be worn under berets. Chignons are small and created with braided locks anchored close to the nape of the neck. Deliberate eccentricity is expressed with false bangs that modestly peek out from under the beret.


Hair: Roberta Bellazzi@Aldo Coppola Agency

Silhouettes are sculptural and very feminine. The sleek, simple lines are also reflected in the hairstyles. A very small round chignon at the nape of the neck makes it possible to wear whimsical, elegant hats.


Hair: Stefano Lorenzi@Aldo Coppola Agency

This collection was designed for a feisty woman, blending male and female, light and shadow, and east and west in a renewed play of contrasts. The hairstyle was designed keeping in mind the characteristics of the collection: simple yet sleek, sculpted, and with a clear Samurai influence.


Artistic Director and hair concept: Adalberto Vanoni@Aldo Coppola Agency

Posing like Modigliani paintings, these women are understated and simple, yet elegant. Their hair is like a jewel: a precious accessory of the clothes that reveal the figure. The hairstyles were inspired by art, with waves or cone-like chignons inspired by Masai women.