bella più di prima – second edition

“Bella più di prima” [More beautiful than before], the seven-episode docu-reality, features stories about women and specific moments in their lives that have indelibly affected them, both psychologically and physically. Thanks to the show, however, the seven women featured are given a new lease on life and become even more beautiful than before.

The team of experts, composed of hairstylist and image consultant Monica Coppola, plastic surgeon Fiorella Donati, and dentist Maria Grazia Gualano, assists these seven women throughout the difficult process of aesthetic and psychological renewal.

The finale of the show is very emotional when the protagonist – in the presence of her loved ones and friends – finally sees that she is “more beautiful than before.”

Monica Coppola’s impressive talent and passion for beauty brings her to interact with and transform the seven women, also by establishing a relationship of trust with them.

Her touch is magical: just one look is all she needs to find the right solution and make that person unique.

Watching her work, one immediately recognizes that her talent, which goes far beyond mere technique, gives her great insight in understanding women’s personalities. She therefore is able to help these women become who they really are. Monica’s mission is to capture the essence and distinctive traits of these women, making them visible and enriching them with taste, sophistication and unique creativity based on their natural inclination.