second privé collection 2012

Difference, uniqueness and the avant-garde are the leitmotifs of the second Aldo Coppola Privè collection. Maestro Aldo Coppola presented the F/W 2013 collection in the fabulous Art Hanger on Via Tortona in Milan.

Aldo Coppola involved all of his affiliates in this new and exciting artistic journey with new expressions, forms and cutting-edge techniques.

During the intense seminar/show, Aldo presented the extraordinary works he created with his own hands and his future visions for the market. He explained the special details, different services and work techniques to be implemented in his salons in the future.

Though a consolidated balance of tradition and modernity, the maestro presented a revolutionary new cutting technique called the “Apache”. After the “Dandy Cut” presented in March that everyone raved about, the new Apache cut confirms the current technical and artistic path where the keywords are ease, shape and, last but not least, fast execution. The inspiration that “blends the thirties and Native Americans” with a modern twist preserves natural volumes, deconstructing the wedge cut following a line created by an Aldo Coppola band accessory. The tresses are loose and the cut outlines the head. The result is a soft, sweet, tousled line, whether short or long.

This new Aldo Coppola hairstyle expresses a natural freedom of movement.

The Dandy and Apache cutting techniques have been patented and can be learned through training courses offered at the Aldo Coppola Academy in Milan, or you can try them in person at all Aldo Coppola salons.