aldo coppola press campaign 2015

Beauty is a word that encompasses a multitude of meanings. It not only refers to exterior beauty, but also concerns noble beauty or the beauty of a word and gesture. Beauty is found in things that we too often overlook and in others that should leave us in awe.

There is the simple beauty of nature that has inspired artists, poets, and philosophers for centuries and is something that we have always sought to follow and pursue.

There is the beauty discovered observing the simple majesty of things encountered in life. That simple majesty has inspired our techniques, starting with the Masai. It was born observing the beautiful heads of African women and their perfect geometry, and then it arrived at the torchon and the Masai Rasta.

These precious tools offer an endless source of trends and ideas, a solid base from which to continue along the trailblazing path that Aldo Coppola has opened for us.

It is a drawer full of secrets that are still waiting to be revealed and that will accompany us solidly into the future.