Attention to eco-sustainability has guided the packaging choices in the most recent Research and Development for the new Aldo Coppola lines. A real commitment to the gradual abolition of plastic, and at the same time the attempt to reduce the impact of waste materials were the guideline in the selection of all packaging items and formats.

Already with the relaunch of Natura Magica and with MrCoppola, glass bottles have been full protagonists of the new lines, representing the values of elegance and exclusivity. It is not just a matter of image: glass does not age over time with the ability to perfectly preserve its content. It is an eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable material, unique in its kind and perfectly in line with a philosophy of well being at 360 degrees. The focus on sustainability and the effort to reduce the environmental impact is confirmed by the introduction of large aluminum formats, conceived for professional use but also for retail: the customer has the opportunity to purchase 500ml bottles of home care products Shampoo and Mask and use them as a refill, thus minimizing waste materials. The practicality of the travel-size bottle or the convenience of the refill format are now a choice available for a growing number of items.

With AMO, the choice of aluminum for all formats is confirmed, a decision that represents continuity with the company tradition and innovation in design. Like glass, aluminum is 100% recyclable and retains its content in total safety for a long time.

In the cosmetic market, aluminum is certainly a rare choice for large-format products and has involved a fine-tuning of production and packaging processes.

A concrete corporate commitment to respect the environment, a significant sign of environmental responsibility to help fighting the spread of plastic waste in the environment.