Starting October 29th, for three months, Aldo Coppola enters into a new partnership with Il Balzo Onlus, an association taking care of protecting children aged from 3 to 12 with cognitive disability, autism or down syndrome. Balzabimbi is the education centre of Il Balzo Onlus, a place where children can discover themselves and the world, every day after school. Each child has his own individual support, conceived by professional educators in agreement with families and Social Health Services, aimed to reinforce kids’ cognitive, communicational and relational skills. At Balzabimbi children acquire how to talk, relate to other people, ask for help, experience and express their desires, cross the street, get dressed and take care of themselves. Simple and essential actions that are the fundamentals of a full and independent adult life. Balzo’s main goal is to create the ideal conditions in order to make disabled people’s social inclusion possible. At Balzabimbi children learn through specific educational methods and through play with others: fine motility workshops, garden therapy, ABA, art therapy, social interaction, cooking classes and graphism lessons alternate among each others. Balzo’s dedication doesn’t run out inside Balzabimbi: educators support children at school and at home as well, whenever required by families. Inside Coppolino a “baby sitting” service is offered and this is carried out by volunteers working at Il Balzo Onlus and that daily strive for underprivileged children. Part of the proceeds from sales of “Coppolino” products and from children services will be donated to the charity.