Aldo Coppola’s scissors

“I want to invent something new, who says that everything has already been done in our work … is mistaken.”
Aldo Coppola
And it is from this concept that the inspiration for the creation of AC scissors was born.
The Aldo Coppola team’s research, combined with the millennial tradition of steel forging and the meticulous care for details that have been layered over hundreds of years of Japanese culture, gives life to five unique objects that embody the identity of each hairstylist.
From the narrowest corner of cut that gives precision and clean breaks, to the softer one that gently glides through the hair, to the final realization of Aldo’s true steel dream.
The superior longevity given by the construction made from a single piece of the same material, the extreme ergonomics of the shape and the finger rest that allows greater stability of the tips for particularly precise cuts, are the expression of the extreme meticulousness with which the scissors have been studied by the Aldo Coppola team and were then shaped by the skilled hands of Japanese craftsmen.
Three cutting scissors and two thinning scissors, born from the research of creative directors Monica Coppola, Stefano Lorenzi and Mauro Situra.

Tradition finally meets … the future.