Aldo Coppola adjusts corporate communication to the new context of forced distance.

The brand logo is reinterpreted with the writing “Aldo Coppola” coming out of the famous red brushstroke. A new way to send a new message: Aldo Coppola distances itself and evolves, choosing to be close to customers by launching the Aldo Coppola e-shop. “Distant but close”. On April 15th at 12.00 the first E-store of the brand is online to satisfy market demands.

The elegance and the sophisticated style of Aldo Coppola takes shape in a new refined digital experience, available in both websites and

Both websites contain an e-shop section that combines product and storytelling in a very engaging manner. Rich with images and descriptions, it captivates the user in a dynamic home shopping experience. The Aldo Coppola E-store is optimized for mobile devices and it offers the possibility to explore and buy the complete Aldo Coppola and Shatush retail ranges.

The “Color kit” issue, that has recently become a hot topic, in the words of the Brand Manager Federica Coppola:
“Aldo Coppola is not going to sell custom-tailored color mixes because IT IS NOT PERMITTED FROM A REGULATORY POINT OF VIEW. Cosmetic products are ruled by the European regulation 1227/2009, including rules for product packaging and manufacturing, which must take place in authorized production units according to good manufacturing practices GMP 22716-2007. These rules are mandatory for processing of ingredients, loose product and packaging.
Also, our brand has stood out for over 50 years in the hairdressing sector by because all its business is based on the advice of professionals that are able to customize every service, making it unique and tailor made. We are a luxury brand and we have a duty, especially in such difficult moment as the one we are living, to preserve our history and respect all that Aldo taught us, trying to carry it forward with pride in our daily work.
Like any self-respecting luxury brand we do not abandon OUR customers. For this reason, we have opened our e-store throughout the lockdown period, where customers can buy all our product lines.
Our customers can be sure we will be back with even more enthusiasm and that their hair, if well taken care of and left to “rest” during this period, is going to be the perfect white canvas on which we will paint like never before”.

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