LIVE AI 2018


The night, made up of different places, talks about contemporaneity with elegance and poetry.

A place of adventure, freedom, vulnerability. A moment to turn into someone else, when every woman can live her dream keeping a direct dialogue with reality.

All the freedom of the night enveloped in a cloud of magic. Hair take shape, night and day, they retain authority without giving up seduction.

Light haircuts caress your shoulders with different interpretations and geometries.

Carrè goes beyond its rules and reshapes itself in a bouncy style.

Straight, refined blow-dryings will give face a new freshness.

Rich and protective textures, distracted locks, super glam styling.


Colour is freed from any constriction, in a balanced synthesis of lights and shadows.

Imperceptible touches blend with strong nuances enhancing the character of the forms.

Haute couture metamorphoses:

Small and shiny heads, pigments and paillettes.

“Infinity twist”, hands in movement creating infinity.

Contrasting harmonies:

The perfect equilibrium for a renewed spontaneity.