Live Academy S/S 2016

Urban wanderers.

Creating, to us, means contaminating, blending different styles and redefining them for the contemporary age.

It’s us paying homage to the modern femininity: a mix of strength and spirit of independence. Strong and, at the same time, fragile women, that are free of daring. Free women, savannah women.

The representation of an early elegance.

Africa from a poetical point of view: this is the leitmotiv of the Aldo Coppola Academy Creative Directors’, Stefano Lorenzi, Adalberto Vanoni and Lucia Bossi, leitmotiv for the spring-summer 2016 collection.

Lived and consumed cuts, designed through softened weightless structures. Work-in-progress and randomly shaped cuts, minimal head.

Opposed colors, resolute strokes: the woman is art.

Boom color is born. Hairstyles with afro-styled braids and built with contemporary shapes, African flowers and Seventies glamour decorations.

“You deserve a lover who wants you dishevelled” (Frida Kahlo)