LIVE – PE 2019


A line towards infinity in continuous movement: the illusion of an endless world.

An unattainable, magical and evocative goal. Each woman with her story in all its facets. The coming summer smells of freedom. Dear FASHION, tell me about a cut…

Fringes with a rebellious spirit instantly give a cheeky and “young” look. In medium-long shapes, different textures blend. The breeze of the 70s harmoniously slides between elongated tails and new sinuosity. The short cut caresses the features and dresses itself of femininity.

Enveloping shades, evident contrasts in the hair, intriguing nuances overlap in a game of audacious experimentation:

TAM TAM The color outside the lines reveals its identity

Fluo pop hairstyles. Accessories that light up like the setting sun, dreads are the protagonists of an evening by the sea. Virtual headbands redefine concept of the accessory. It is no longer time for rigor or excessive order. The summer wind brings a new unscrupulous freshness:

“Nobody combs my hair like the wind” Alda Merini