“love without bars” photo exhibit

“Amori Sbarrati” [Love without Bars] is a project promoted by the non-profit organization Zeroconfini, which has gradually added new means of expression ranging from theater and poetry to photography to tell us about an unusual world: that of the women inmates of the prison in Monza.

The involvement and passion of the people promoting this project with great sensitivity has led to the creation of a path to help prisoners through rehabilitation to find themselves and return to civilian life.

The project has generated masterpieces such as the photographs of Francesca Ripamonti portraying a new type of beauty that is hidden and often forgotten and emerges from the depths of the souls of these women inmates.

The project aims to rediscover the beauty of these women, to go beyond the stereotype of the sadness of prison, to listen to their souls within their bodies, hidden and almost covered by the dust of time behind bars. The body as a true expression of the soul, a silkworm turning into a butterfly, was the challenge facing Monica Coppola and Francesca Ripamonti who found forms of unconventional beauty behind bars and sought to give them the freedom to feel beautiful.

This unique project will continue in many other Italian cities.