A journey through the emotions of style, between beauty and vanity.

Sunday, October 2 at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan took place the Real Time show dedicated to the new GO Coppola hairstyling trends for the 2022-23 season.

No Filter is a journey through the breaking of conventional rules to rediscover the authentic and free beauty. A femininity to enhance with innovative cutting techniques and color.

«8» is the new cutting technique exhibited by Mauro Situra, GO Coppola Artistic Director: the principle is to create soft but decisive proportions on long and medium cuts while the shorts cuts are animated by an alternation of longer locks that enhance the shape of the face. The revisited yoke embodies a full but light effect to enhance the personality of every woman.

Melania Severgini instead showed the new soft but bold color shades emphasized by games of light of different intensity.

The GO Coppola woman is a woman finally free to express her most authentic self.