Last months’ lockdown did not mean only silence and immobility, but it has been a chance to think, dream and travel with fantasy.

It is true that suffering is the strongest push to get back into the game and like never before it’s essential to live savouring the sense of freedom that we have missed and that we wanted every day.

This is our journey: the story of a bond which allows us to stay close through an open door to the world, a LINK that is the mean for a “connection” and is also name of this special virtual show.

The desire of freedom is reflected also on cuts, colors and shapes.

Cutting techniques give life to graduate but full lines that caress and wrap the face in a soft and volumized way.

The hairup shows a warrior woman, serene and consciuos of her strenght, being able to dare trought a game of braids and twist adapted to the face which result in a hairup that is strong and harmonious at the same time.

Rules are changed thanks to the finger cut tecnique where proportions and lengths are destructured keeping the volume and the fullness of shapes without emptying them; it happens for the colors as well, by playing with the depth and reversing the light points we accentuate the cut movement through hidden contrasts.