A dream of two friends that comes true: Cristina Marino, founder of Befancyfit and Federica Coppola, CEO of Aldo Coppola in Italy, have always wanted to find the perfect synergy to create something that could satisfy the market expectations. After that Cristina was the Go Coppola brand testimonial for three consecutive years, the idea of creating a new project together was born, this time a co-branded: the Shatush for Befancyfit product line ideal for daily use after sporting activities. Lifestyle and wellness come together in cosmetic products inspired by natural active ingredients, dedicated to beauty and to protecting and nourishing the body and hair.


The impressive “elective affinities” of the two brands, both attentive to personal well-being and self-aware care, inspired the research and creation of the co-branded line. Shatush for Befancyfit offers exclusive formulas that nourish intensely with a powerful long-lasting repair effect. The full, light and non-greasy textures have a fresh and invigorating sensoriality, with a hydrating effect and rapid absorption. An intensely moisturising line suitable for men and women of all ages who want to feel good about themselves and do not give up on frequent sporting activity. A rich blend of plant active ingredients – all derived from controlled production chains and renewable sources – focuses the effectiveness of the formulations on the beneficial effects of natural extracts. The production lines are managed through a responsible use of resources, with careful monitoring of the environmental impact and with the use of recyclable packs.


The formulas of the Shatush products for Befancyfit express a cosmetic philosophy based on the delicacy and naturalness of the ingredients. A variety of phytonutrients, vitamins and natural polyphenols help to keep hair healthy and hydrated day after day, ready to face any challenge.

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