Aldo Coppola CityLife

“I promise this is the last one!”
These are the words of Aldo Coppola Jr. who thought that it would be impossible not to open the tenth Atelier at the avant-garde CityLife district in Milan. And now the new reign of beauty at the Tre Torri Square finally opens its doors to the customers. Creative inspiration of CEO Aldo Coppola Jr. comes to life in a 300 square meters space where elegance and style merge together with a luxury contemporary interior design that develops in an unexpected Pop Art style using original and sophisticated materials. The accurate workspace organization combines perfectly both tradition and modernism raising client’s interest and curiosity as if they were entering a new dimension of the brand’s universe.
The magnificent storefronts lead into a completely new beauty kingdom where Dressing Beauty designed by Gamma&Bross, ecolighting by Catellani&Smith, textures smartly made by GiPrint and a “Mr. Coppola Area” devoted to male customers match with Aldo Coppola’s pioneer concept of transforming a hairdresser’s salon into an iconic location of innovation and design. Next to L’Oréal, historical partner of the group, there are other lead brands who will be part of this new Atelier: Valmont, Shani and Fedua whose products will be carefully offered by Aldo Coppola’s beauty therapists to deliver moments of great pleasure, relax and beauty. The unique style of this salon is expressed by its wallpapers designed by Aldo Coppola Jr. where inspiration blends with creativity never lacking of the grace, sophistication and style that characterize the brand.
The salon will be the spearhead of the CityLife Square offering that high-class service that Aldo Coppola is famous for.