aldo coppola kingdom of beauty – abu dhabi

On sunday the 16th of may something happened at villa 306 of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street: Aldo Coppola, the famous luxury beauty brand opened the doors of its first kingdom of beauty in the middle east. Aldo Coppola, the Italian guru of hairstyle that has created an empire of more than 200 salons in the world, could not miss having an amazing villa on the corniche of Abu Dhabi.
Welcoming tables dressed of red roses, flowers that reprensent the leitmotiv of this amazing brand, were greeting clients from the outside of the building. As people were stepping inside the kingdom the perfectly designed red reception captured the eyes of each spectator.
Guests were welcomed not only by a luxurious catering but also by the whole Aldo Coppola team that would guide them around the kingdom explaining each shade of this glamorous temple. What was truly surprising about this event was the brand philosophy hidden behind each door: the Aldo Coppola lifestyle focuses on beauty over 360 degrees. Aldo Coppola staff does not take care only about hair but also about beauty, wellness and soul offering a wide range of services.
Walking from the imponent nail bar were an expert nail technician from the brand Emi was decorating guests nails with fashionist nail arts, leading to a make up room in which clients can have hair and make up done at the same time, people were mainly interested in the aldo coppola core business: hair.
The backwash area is equipped of a beautiful chromotherapy system of lighting, created by Catellani and Smith, the famous Italian light designing company. Here the staff explained how different Aldo Coppola philosophy is from anything ever heard in the middle east: stylists do not use oxydant colors but focus on the use of henna and color oil to cover white hair. Not only: another real innovation, patented by the company in 2001, is called Shatush which is a highlighting technique that is not invasive and gives hair natural sun looks.
Aldo Coppola’s innovative philosophy brings a touch of high class and reminiscence of the best traditions of Italian fashion hairstyle. The work is truly meticulous, it is a concrete example of attention to details: games of mirrors that reflect into each other communicate the concept that beauty is infinite in this atelier.
Privacy is a must at a certain level of luxury, and a vip suite welcomes clients in a beautiful private space, painted of mosaics of roses. Inside the suite there are two hair seats, a Jacuzi and a cocooning bed. This beauty bed was invented by Aldo Coppola in 2010 and it is a true revolution of relaxation: having a backwash attached it gives the possibility to receive head massage and body massage at the same time. Hair treatments are a competitive advantage for Aldo Coppola: you need to heal the scalp to have great hair.
Hair therapy spa treatment is a diamond among Aldo Coppola services: muds, herbs and organic ingredients blended into personalized formulas that purify and restore the balance of scalp and head bringing back shine and volume to stressed hair.
Beauty over 360 degrees: Aldo Coppola has dedicated a full floor of the kingdom to its spa area. walking through this pampering heaven you could easily be captured by the hammam room for royal turkish and moroccan baths, the emotional shower that with chromotherapy helps rebalance the chakras and by the vichy shower that helps muscles relaxation and pain relief. Highly skilled therapists combine this services with a wide range of massages: bamboo stick massage, amber massage, golden wraps, hot stone and shell massage are just few examples. the salon has two main beauty partners: the well luxury swiss skincare brand valmont and Shani, an Italian niche brand exclusively sold in this Atelier.
Aldo Coppola is international but does care about cultural habits when opening in a foreign country: if clients happen to take an appointment over praying hours there is a comfortable praying room on this floor. And if you don’t feel like leaving the salon yet you could sneak into the relaxation room and rest drinking a cup of first choice tea. It was essential to appeal to the clients’ aesthetic sense, designing a space that is harmonious and elegant while being dazzlingly, yet not invasively, beautiful.
Monica Coppola, the Art Director of the Aldo Coppola brand and Amna Al Mansoori, the owner of the salon, have been surrounded by guests’ questions all night. “We want to offer something different from anything you have ever tried, we want to surround people by beauty and make them feel beautiful inside and outside. each woman is beautiful, they just need someone to emphasize that beauty. and that someone is Aldo Coppola”.



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