aldo coppola & la petite robe di chiara boni

For Milan Fashion Week, besides presenting her runway shows, Chiara Boni organized an event dedicated to the fashion capital of Italy. She presented her photo exhibit “The New Milan” at the Galleria Visconti on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at 5:30 p.m. The designer took the photos over a two-day period in her La Petite Robe showroom on Via Monte di Pietà. The protagonists of the shoot were 20 fascinating women who live and work in Milan. Their professions are even more interesting due to the fact that they come from different cultures and origins. This portrait of a multi-ethnic Milan featured Karina Arutyuniyan, Uzbek director and actress; Helen Nonnini, Italian-Syrian problem solver;  Emma Hadley, South African art curator; Aliroska Paulino, Dominican object designer; Camilla Baresani, Italian author; and Elisabetta Sgarbi. The idea was to let each woman interpret the same Petit Robe “little black dress” with her own accessories.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Adalberto Vanoni – Aldo Coppola Agency

HAIR by Alessandro Franciotti, Denis Gatto – Aldo Coppola Agency

MAKE-UP by Eneide Coppi – Aldo Coppola Agency