aldo coppola & may moma

Beauty, style and simplicity are the key words at the center of an agreement signed by the May Moma brand and Aldo Coppola. Its jewelry collections perfectly interpret the world of the famous hairstyling brand. “This partnership with Aldo Coppola derives from important shared values: the pursuit of beauty and unique style,” said Simona Nicolosi, May Moma designer.

The collection is perfect for women seeking a detail that – like a haircut or hairdo – can simply enhance their beauty and femininity.

The Aldo Coppola cocooning treatment:

The cocooning treatment is a unique service designed for hair and body care. It derives from the synergy created between the Aldo Coppola Hair Therapy treatment and a relaxing body massage using warm aromatic oils.

The customer is welcomed in the exclusive suites dedicated to wellbeing with a soothing and relaxing ambiance where the treatment is explained before our technician performs an accurate diagnosis of the hair and skin and blends a special customized mixture. In the meantime, a beauty specialist will prepare a personal chart stating individual needs.

The customer is asked to lie down on the Zen Beauty Bed, a special massage table with an incorporated shampoo basin. This is the beginning of the fabulous cocooning treatment where you can totally relax with the body and scalp massage that provides both physical and psychological benefits. The service is completed with personalized brushing, and a snack and organic juice is offered. The treatment lasts approximately one hour.