exhibit in the historical “caffè degli artisti” in brera

After the huge public and critical success of previous exhibits, the magnificent photographs of another artist will decorate the walls of the “Caffè degli Artisti”.

Carlo Orsi, the fourth photographer at Jamaica to celebrate its 100 years, will narrate the history of this famous Milanese locale with artistry and delicacy.

Born in Milan on March 8, 1941, Carlo Orsi made his debut in the world of photography as the assistant of Ugo Mulas. In the early sixties, he was a press photographer in Italy and abroad for magazines such as Panorama, Settimo Giorno, Il Mondo and Oggi.

He began working in the fashion industry in the late sixties, collaborating with major fashion magazines in Italy and abroad. He also did advertising and published books, including “Milano” in 1965 with Dino Buzzati, “Exstasi” in 1999 on the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Faithful-People around the world” in 2004, and several books on Arnaldo Pomodoro, for whom he was the image-maker starting in 1984.

Mario Botta curated his first one-man show was in 1984. In the early nineties, Carlo Orsi gradually left the fashion and advertising worlds and returned to press photography, which he never abandoned over the years.

Guido Vergani called him “one of those rare photographers who simultaneously know how to be a great, honest reporter and a great creator and image-maker. Like all great reporters, he has the ability to emotionally participate in the event. He focuses on details that other miss. He pays attention to the faces, gestures, lives, and moods that allow him to be a reporter even when he photographs a city.

Like all great fashion and advertising photographers (a profession that often sidetracked him from press photography, but never confined him to the studio and set, and never turned him into a frigid alchemist of lights and lenses), he has imagination, visual concepts, and a taste for brilliant ideas and staging that get the message across.”

A famous café in Milan, a superb photographer, and a world-renowned hair stylist who loves to produce outstanding wines as a hobby (Aldo Coppola and his “Le Robinie” winery will present the prestigious wines from the Oltrepò Pavese area): there is no better way to celebrate excellence in every field!